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Senior Consultants

Mark Axford has more than 25 years of energy experience as an engineer, product manager, sales and marketing executive, and consultant. His current clients are primarily fleet owners of gas turbine equipment who rely on Mr. Axford for advice on O&M contracting, cycle optimization, new technology assessment, and new project opportunities. He also provides market analysis and forecasting services for clients evaluating acquisitions and new product introductions. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Houston Chronicle, his technical and business articles have appeared in Turbomachinery, Gas Turbine World, Cogeneration, Independent Power, and Diesel & Gas Turbine World.

Martin Buckley, P. E., is a highly skilled executive manager with successes in finance, negotiations, due diligence, development, environmental permitting, and compliance, project management, marketing, and strategic partnering. With over 38 years of energy experience, Mr. Buckley has led startup entities and mature organizations, re-engineered operations in periods of market expansion and contraction, and acquired and divested assets. He has held leadership roles with top energy and project development companies, including Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, HYDRA-CO Enterprises Inc., Air Liquide America Corporation, El Paso Merchant Energy, Sempra Generation, NRG Energy, and Drummond Coal. He has consummated more than $4 billion in diverse agreements for the implementation of over 40 energy projects. He was a founding board member of a Boston-based energy equity fund and has served on management committees for over ten partnerships.

Jeffrey J. Fassett, P. E., brings more than 20 years of power and petrochemical industry experience to Energy Advisory Group. Mr. Fassett’s engineering experience includes coal-fired power generation, coal gasification, petrochemical process management, and combustion turbine power generation. Mr. Fassett specializes in all aspects related to power plant management, operation, and maintenance, as well as litigation support services. He has helped negotiate long-term service agreements for almost 20,000 MW of power generating capacity, and has supported the development and start-up of more than 16,000 MW. A frequent speaker and author, Mr. Fassett is a repeat office holder in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Paul W. Gross, P. E., is nationally recognized for his expertise in water and wastewater treatment. In his 35-plus year career in the electric power and process industries he has amassed a proven record of success in equipment sales, consulting, training seminars, process and equipment design, equipment specifications, equipment startup and field services. Mr. Gross has provided clients with consulting and technical services for system design and optimization, startup, wastewater minimization, and operator training. He is founder and Technical Director of a firm representing 12 major manufacturing companies which provide water and wastewater systems, heat recovery steam generation equipment, and emission monitoring systems to the power and process industries.

Robert E. Hanes has more than 35 years experience in the electric power industry including experience in fossil, hydroelectric, and nuclear generation, as well as industrial cogeneration. Mr. Hanes was formerly Vice President of PacifiCorp in the Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Development Group where he focused on forming strategic alliances, and led teams evaluating asset acquisitions. As a Vice President at Tejas Power (later merged into PacifiCorp), he was responsible for exploring the synergies of electric storage via compressed air energy storage (CAES) with natural gas storage in solution-mined caverns in salt domes. More recently, Mr. Hanes has focused on owner’s engineering, asset due diligence, availability/performance improvement, environmental compliance issues, and project development.

Randall Hayes has more than 15 years of diversified business development and finance experience in the electric power industry and 10 years of engineering and project management experience in the natural gas pipeline industry. He provides industrial energy management services specializing in optimization of power supply structures, operational optimization and management of the power, and billing analysis. He has managed the installation of high voltage transmission interconnect lines, substations, and motor-driven compressors for natural gas pipelines resulting in millions of dollars of savings in interconnect costs. Mr. Hayes is also a former Vice President-Account Management for ABB.

Edward P. Hermann has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry with a focus on project development and acquisitions in the independent power sector. During his career, he has led the development and acquisition of over 5,000 MW of generating capacity. Prior to joining Energy Advisory Group, he served as Vice President, Project Acquisitions for Dynegy, Inc. While in that position, he reviewed all power asset sales that came to market, prepared the acquisition bids, led due diligence teams and successfully closed three acquisitions totaling over $1.4 billion. During his career in the independent power energy industry, he has worked on both domestic and international projects.

Tommy John, P. E., has a 35-plus year career in the process and power industries including project development, project management, process engineering, and business development. As an expert witness, he has offered litigation support for cases involving gas processing plants and oil production. With his broad range of experience, he serves clients in the petrochemicals, refining, oil and gas production, power generation, manufacturing, biodiesel production, renewable energy, and pulp and paper industries. Founder and past President of the Gulf Coast Power Association, he has also served as President of the Gulf Coast Energy Conservation Society, Chairman of the South Texas Section of AIChE, and Vice Chairman of the Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative. He is a frequent speaker and author on the subjects of process technology, combustion, cogeneration, and energy conservation.

Richard M. Kuhn has over 25 years experience in the energy industry, with extensive experience in both the natural gas and electric power sectors. His experience includes business origination, project development, negotiating and evaluating facility agreements, due diligence and economic evaluation of owned or targeted assets, and the development and implementation of an energy portfolio trading book. As Director of Asset Management, for Duke Energy North America, Mr. Kuhn had the commercial responsibility for 3,020 MW of generation capacity. Prior to his asset management work, Mr. Kuhn served as Director of Project Development for Duke Energy North America, successfully developing merchant generation facilities as well as fully permitting numerous combined cycle generation sites.

Gary Lilly, P.E., has over 35 years experience in the railroad industry with particular expertise in coal transportation. As the former Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad and RailTex/Rail America, Mr. Lilly can provide diversified general management experience in design, maintenance and construction of railroad infrastructure, including track, bridges and structures. His skills also include extensive experience in administrative, budgetary, engineering, personnel development, trouble shooting, multi-department coordination, negotiation with railroads, governmental bodies, labor unions, and project management.

Norman Pickens Jr., P. E., has a 25 year career in the electric power and petroleum refining industries. He has extensive experience with all phases of engineering and construction of combustion and steam turbine applications, and he has served as commissioning/start-up manager for a fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) unit and a coker unit. His experience includes a variety of both heavy duty and aero-derivative combustion turbines. On numerous power generation and cogeneration projects, Mr. Pickens has been directly involved in leading the conceptual design, thermal design, preparation of the design control specification and other project control documents as well as leading the overall design engineering effort. He has worked on international projects in England, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Canada.

James W. Reynolds has over 25 years experience in the deregulated power industry and in the development of power plant and gas pipeline projects in the US and internationally. He has co-managed the startup of three Retail Electric Providers, focusing on contracting wholesale power supply, marketing to large industrial/commercial customers, and establishing and managing transactions with the Independent System Operator. Mr. Reynolds has further served on the ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee and is currently a member of the ERCOT Nodal Transition Plan Task Force. In senior management positions with El Paso Energy, its predecessor Tenneco Energy, and Destec Energy, Inc., Mr. Reynolds led multi-functional teams in identifying, bidding, and negotiating the successful acquisition of power plants in the US, South Korea and China, transactions valued at over $2 Billion.

Howard D. Rickel has more than 35 years of experience in the energy industry, both domestically and internationally, with particular expertise in the siting and engineering of high voltage electrical switchyards and transmission lines. He has worked with clients on project pro formas, electrical interconnection documents, equipment selection, acquisition review, HVDC transmission, and transmission load flow. While at Northern Engineering, he served as Vice President-Chief Engineer as well as Vice President of Teesside, the world’s largest combined cycle power plant producing 1,725 MW of power for the United Kingdom.

John H. Schroeder offers clients the benefit of more than 35 years as an engineer, energy systems consultant, and account executive. He served as General Electric Energy’s representative to the industrial, independent power, and utility segments for gas, steam, and wind power generation equipment. For more than 20 years in Houston, Mr. Schroeder has supported the energy needs of regional and international energy companies, EPC contractors, and IPPs. He is a member of the Houston Renewable Energy Network and the Gulf Coast Power Association where he has been a featured speaker. He currently serves as Vice President of Outreach for the Houston Chapter of the International Association of Energy Economics.

Tom Skupnjak has more than 25 years experience in the electric power industry, both domestically and internationally. His client base includes both electric suppliers and retail customers, focusing on retail and wholesale energy contracts. He has worked with many large industrial and commercial retail customers in Texas, structuring agreements that fit their requirements in a deregulated environment. During the California energy crisis in 2001/2002, Mr. Skupnjak represented the state of California in negotiating both short and long term power contracts. Currently managing over 400 MW of wholesale electric supply from California power plants he helped develop, he also markets retail electric supply on behalf of a Texas retail supplier and continues to develop new power plants within the ERCOT region. As an expert witness he provides testimony on various matters involving electric contracts and project finance documents.

John Stauffacher brings a 35-plus year career in the chemical and independent power industries. In his role as an engineer, expert witness, executive, and consultant he has played a leadership role in issue advocacy in the regulatory and legislative arenas at both the state and federal level, testifying before Congress as well as federal and state regulatory commissions. A former Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Dynegy, Inc., he now focuses on guiding clients through the complex market regulations of ERCOT, the PUC, and the Texas Legislature. Previously an elected member of the ERCOT ISO Board of Directors, he currently serves as Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Power Association, a regional power industry trade group.

Thomas W. Wolfe has more than 35 years of diversified business and business management experience which includes 30 years of specifying and servicing water treatment applications in industrial, utility, and municipal water treatment processes. Mr. Wolfe has worked the past 10 years as a water treatment consultant to industrial companies with worldwide manufacturing operations. Mr. Wolfe specializes in evaluating water treatment programs, failure analysis, and solving water treatment problems. He provides guidance to his clients by helping establish monitoring, control and review procedures that assure the on-going success of the process.

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