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Principal Consultants

John E. Gray, President of Energy Advisory Group, Inc., has a 35-plus year career in the electric power industry as an engineer, project manager, project developer, executive, energy consultant, and expert witness. His experience includes developing, managing, engineering, and constructing major, multi-million dollar projects, in both the domestic and international power markets. As an energy consultant, Mr. Gray has provided his services to major oil companies, gas pipeline companies, law firms, and power project developers. He has advised clients on contractual, financial and technical issues on combined cycle power plants, compressed air energy storage, and wind power. He has provided expert witness testimony and litigation support on energy-related cases, and has worked with law firms to assist in settlement negotiations. Prior to founding Energy Advisory Group, Mr. Gray was an executive officer with Destec Energy, Inc. in Houston, Texas. As Vice President-International Markets, he was responsible for leading Destec into the international marketplace in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Louis J. Dorey has more than 20 years of combined experience in the energy industry and commercial real estate. A specialist in the areas of restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, he has extensive experience in formulating, communicating and implementing innovative solutions to help reconcile the competing interests of parties. He has participated in merger and acquisitions and sales transactions in the energy industry valued in excess of $6 billion. Mr. Dorey has held the positions of President of Marketing and Origination and Executive Vice President of Finance/CFO at Dynegy, Inc. He has further served as CFO and General Counsel of Peebles Management Company. Mr. Dorey is currently Executive Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Seminole Energy Services.

William G. Janacek has more than 35 years of experience in the natural gas and crude oil transportation industry in both domestic and international markets. His career as an engineer, executive, expert witness and consultant includes engineering, project development, project management, operations, and corporate management. He has built and now operates natural gas gathering systems in the Barnet Shale in North Texas. Mr. Janacek has negotiated the transportation services agreements as well as managed the design, construction and operation for these assets. He has also guided producers through the assessment of different natural gas markets and the sale of their production.

Dudley C. Piland Jr., P. E., brings a 30-plus year career in the electric power industry focusing on generating assets. His technical experience includes power plant design, coal-fired plant management, fuels acquisition, energy risk management, and generation asset management in the deregulated electric market. As the Executive Manager of Generation Services for the Lower Colorado River Authority, Mr. Piland was responsible for generating wholesale power for cities and electric cooperatives that serve more than one million central Texas residents. He currently provides professional services to the electric power industry.

David A. Tolson brings 25 years experience in multiple facets of the process industry, serving as President/COO of Koch Specialty Chemical Company and President/CEO of Llano, Inc. With E&P, energy midstream, chemicals, and industrial services experience, he has strong accomplishments in operational turnarounds, asset & capability rationalization, performance improvement, strategy development, corporate development, corporate finance, and strategic transactions. He currently provides strategy, business transformation, and transaction advisory services for the energy, chemicals, and industrial services markets.

Mark D. Voss has over 35 years of experience in the energy industry during which he has built and led operating and maintenance organizations for both the industrial and independent power sectors. His areas of specialization encompass combined cycle operations and maintenance, long term service agreements, and after-market solutions to maintenance work force planning. In his consulting practice, he provides clients with due diligence for acquisitions, expert witness opinions for combined cycle generation facilities, and special studies for cogeneration facilities. As a former Senior Vice President-Generation for Dynegy, Inc., he was responsible for the company’s peaking and combined cycle gas turbine assets.

Robert A. Webb has been an attorney and counselor focused on independent energy production, gas and electric transmission, new energy technology and competitive energy markets for over 35 years. A former partner at the law firm of Baker & Botts, Mr. Webb has twice served as Chair of the Public Utility Section of the State Bar of Texas. He is co-founder of a company whose projects have included forming competitive electric distribution utilities, developing distributed generation, fostering technologies for customer control of energy options, and promoting renewable energy projects. Mr. Webb is also the current president of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA), a trade association representing the full range of renewable energy technologies.

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